Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Brewery: Sun King Brewery

Style: Russian Imperial Stout

Description: “Four and Twenty Blackbirds is a Russian-style Imperial Stout with flavors of black raspberry, malty sweetness, and a dry and fruity finish imparted from aging in New Day Meadery Magpie barrels.”

ABV: 10.4%

Format: 16oz can

Untappd: Avg. 4.1 / Mine 4.25

Thoughts: What really made this stout for me was the fact it aged in the Magpie barrels. The chocolate of the stout with the sweetness of the black raspberry mead played very nicely together. Coffee was subtle at best. This beer was from 1/17 and aged well but if you are still sitting on any, I would drink it sooner as opposed to later.