Ragnarok Axe Throwing

I was invited to an “axe throwing lunch” the other day. My initial response was, “I’m sorry, did you say axe throwing?” My immediate response after that was, “I’m IN!” I had never done this before and was excited for my first experience. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but it did not disappoint!

There were two other groups there when we went and we each had our own separate “cage.” The spectating area is rather small but we also had a group of 12 of us for one “cage.” I can’t speak to cost because I was invited to go as a guest but I can say it was a good time.

It’s really more like throwing a hatchet than what I think of when I hear axe, but what do I know? Food and drinks are limited there but we brought in pizza and our own drinks. I definitely recommend giving it a try. I wasn’t terrible at it.