Future Days

The clock read 3:03am when I sat up in bed. I could sense someone’s presence, which is what woke me up. Our 4 year old son was standing next to my side of the bed, holding his blanket, and not saying a word. He simply held his arms up and so I picked him up, carried him upstairs, and placed him in his bed. After I got him covered up, I grabbed a blanket and laid on the floor next to his bed. He fell asleep in minutes.

As I continue to think through and wrestle with the emotions of the last few days as it relates to The United Methodist Special General Conference, I find myself hurting for those who hurt. For some, the movement of the delegates came as a complete shock. For others, it was the affirmation needed to continue the course set before us. I believe that regardless of where an individual falls on that spectrum, there is a level of hurt present. I know I was wrestling with some hurt today.

Irregardless of which plan, if any, came out of this Special General Conference, I knew that future days would include continuing to strive to love all people and be intentional about creating space for those not yet a part of the Church. One of the great things about love is that agreeing on everything is not required in order to love others. Another great thing about love is that sometimes words aren’t even necessary, just being present, even if that means laying on the floor, is all that’s needed. May we be willing to be present with those who are hurting, even if that means sitting on the floor with them.

Matt Lipan2 Comments