Hate Is Lazy

It just is. To choose to hate someone is intellectually, relationally, spiritually, and emotionally lazy. It is easy to simply be done with the “other” without putting in the time and energy to attempt to engage their perspective or story. It is lazy to use hate as a reason to avoid those things or individuals that we are unfamiliar with or make us uncomfortable. To choose hate is to choose the easy way out. Hate does not require us to think about, wrestle with, struggle through, or walk alongside those who may look, act, or think differently than we do. Hate is sin. Hate is lazy.

Likewise, to accuse others of hate can be equally as lazy. It is saying that instead of doing the hard work of navigating the difference of thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and choices between individuals by engaging in relationships and conversations, we have the ability to completely disregard whole groups of individuals or their opinions and perspectives. That is not a luxury I believe we have, especially as Christians. It is lazy to accuse others of hate without being willing to live in the tension of listening to experiences and understandings that are different than our own.

With all of that being said, I am acutely aware that the very real evil of hatred is present in our world today and we should do all in our power to eradicate its presence around us and in us.

Matt LipanComment