I think it was about 3yrs ago that we planted this grapevine. I didn’t spend much time paying attention to it, let alone pruning it at all. Last year I pruned it way back and it produced 5 grapes. When I say, “5 grapes,” I mean, 5 total grapes. Not 5 “bunches,” 5 singular grapes. I took this picture yesterday. It has been amazing to see the difference a little amateur pruning can make in just 1 year.

Imagine the amount of growth and fruit we could produce if we allowed the Master Gardener, an expert in pruning, do his work on us. Sure, we may have produced some fruit, a little fruit, 5 singular grapes…but imagine the potential with some expert pruning! What if we started each day wondering what little, or big thing God might want to prune from us today? I don’t want to settle for just a couple of grapes, I want bunches and bunches of grapes!

“…every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.”

~John 15:2

Matt LipanComment